The Port 2060 blog will discuss topics related to automation, sustainability, technology, safety and lifetime value – all building a vision for the future.

Digitalisation is not a product, it’s a systemic change

Digitalisation is a contemporary societal topic among businessmen, scholars, politicians, and citizens. Uber’s disruption of the taxi business is a practical example of the impact of digitalisation that has led to similar business models being adopted in other industries. Digitalisation offers major returns for some and ultimate losses for others, which is similar to Joseph Schumpeter’s concept of “Creative Destruction” that he coined in 1942.
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Safety at the heart of business

Antti Kaunonen

Improving occupational safety at container terminals calls for culture change, new technical solutions and industry-wide standardisation.
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Building Brand Love with Superior User Experience

We would like to pose a provocative question: Could you make your product or...

Future of ASC – A look beyond electrification

The interest towards electric powered equipment is increasing – not only...

The container terminal as a buffer

In my career, I have met a lot of very capable consultants who commit a...

Transforming the way we work

Digitalisation allows us to take big leaps not only in technology, but also in...

Back to the future

21 October 2015 was the day Marty McFly and Doc Brown time-travelled to the...

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