Automation in port operations brings about improved efficiency and safety, while reducing the environmental impact.

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Safety at the heart of business

Antti Kaunonen

Improving occupational safety at container terminals calls for culture change, new technical solutions and industry-wide standardisation.
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Future of ASC – A look beyond electrification

The interest towards electric powered equipment is increasing – not only because of its environmentally friendly aspects – but also due to many additional positive spin-offs it provides like noise reduction, ease of maintenance and automation. We at Kalmar were able to get rid of the diesel engine onboard an Automatic Stacking Crane (ASC) by using cable reel or buss-bar systems, and now that this has been sorted out one can start to wonder what’s the next step for the ASCs?
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Sustainable terminal automation

A conversion to automation is a significant undertaking that requires deep...

A new twist on automated container handling

Automation is rapidly gaining ground in container terminals of all sizes....

Sustainable development is a bridge to future business

The environment, economy and society are key aspects of sustainability....

Digitalisation – incremental development or disruption?

Over the past few years, we have seen the reshaping of many business models...

Interesting times for the container shipping industry

China blocks the P3 Network mega-alliance, but the challenges facing the...

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