Lifetime value

Lifetime value and cost of ownership are key considerations for the operators when evaluating container handling equipment.

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Does digitalisation automatically lead to better services?

Container handling equipment has reached the era of automation. On the services side, digitalisation is now the leading theme throughout the customer lifecycle. But does digitalisation automatically lead to better services? Read more ›

Sustainable development is a bridge to future business

The environment, economy and society are key aspects of sustainability. Sustainable development will enable us to meet our needs without preventing future generations from meeting theirs. How is the container handling industry doing today and what could we do better in the future?
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Interesting times for the container shipping industry

China blocks the P3 Network mega-alliance, but the challenges facing the...

Greening ports with LNG

LNG has been powering thousands of vehicles around the world for decades. Port...

What if containers were intelligent?

The container is both one of the simplest and the most important of the...

Designing the next generation container port

The Next Generation Container Port (NGCP) Challenge sought to identify...

Filling the gaps: better utilisation of space on board

Esko Karvonen, Vice President of the Dry Cargo business line at Cargotec’s...

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