Safety is an integral part of port operations and excellent workplace safety is achieved by means of intelligent systems and automation.

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Safety at the heart of business

Antti Kaunonen

Improving occupational safety at container terminals calls for culture change, new technical solutions and industry-wide standardisation.
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A new twist on automated container handling

A new twist on automated container handling

Automation is rapidly gaining ground in container terminals of all sizes. Process automation ensures optimal cargo flows between vessels and ground transport, while equipment automation reduces idle time, decreases errors and improves productivity. However, until now, one area of container handling has still required manual work, often in dangerous conditions. Read more ›

Interesting times for the container shipping industry

China blocks the P3 Network mega-alliance, but the challenges facing the...

Automation potential for brownfield terminals

Automating a greenfield (newly built) terminal from scratch is often what comes...

Designing the next generation container port

The Next Generation Container Port (NGCP) Challenge sought to identify...

Artificial intelligence and automated terminals

During the last seven months we have covered several topics as part of the Port...

Securing the future of cargo handling

Peter Cederholm, Cargotec’s expert in port security, gives us an insight into...

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