Sustainability – environmental, economic and social – and responsible practices are the basis of all business decisions.

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Sustainable terminal automation

Patrick Brisbane AutoStrad terminal

A conversion to automation is a significant undertaking that requires deep technical expertise as well as a capacity to integrate numerous complex systems. In order to carry out the conversion in a sustainable way from the point of view of the environment, the economy and people, both client and vendor need to focus on careful mapping of the terminal’s business processes as well as on a deep-reaching change in operational culture. Successful automation conversion is about culture change as well as technology. Read more ›

Sustainable development is a bridge to future business


The environment, economy and society are key aspects of sustainability. Sustainable development will enable us to meet our needs without preventing future generations from meeting theirs. How is the container handling industry doing today and what could we do better in the future?
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More than just compliance in dry bulk handling

There is little doubt that the regulatory footprint in place to limit the...

Interesting times for the container shipping industry

China blocks the P3 Network mega-alliance, but the challenges facing the...

Greening ports with LNG

LNG has been powering thousands of vehicles around the world for decades. Port...

Automation potential for brownfield terminals

Automating a greenfield (newly built) terminal from scratch is often what comes...

Voice of noise

Noise pollution is becoming more and more of an environmental issue. We are...

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