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Lifetime value

Latest on Port 2060
- lifetime value.

Lifetime value and cost of ownership are key considerations for the operators when evaluating container handling equipment.


Latest on Port 2060
- automation.

Automation in port operations brings about improved efficiency and safety, while reducing the environmental impact.


Latest on Port 2060
- safety.

Safety is an integral part of port operations and excellent workplace safety is achieved by means of intelligent systems and automation.


Latest on Port 2060
- sustainability.

Sustainability – environmental, economic and social – and responsible practices are the basis of all business decisions.


Latest on Port 2060
- technology.

Technology is the enabler of change, strongly influenced by science-based innovations.

Our mission for future port:
2060 all ports run on renewable energy with zero carbon emissions and their productivity has tripled compared to 2013

Latest from our blog

Interesting times for the container shipping industry

China blocks the P3 Network mega-alliance, but the challenges facing the container shipping business still remain.


Greening ports with LNG

LNG has been powering thousands of vehicles around the world for decades. Port container terminals are now jumping on the bandwagon, looking to ditch “dirty diesel” in favour of this clean-burning alternative fuel source.

Automation potential for brownfield terminals

Automating a greenfield (newly built) terminal from scratch is often what comes to mind when discussing automated terminals. However, existing (brownfield) terminals can be automated partially or wholly to achieve the benefits of automation.

Generation Z is coming – are you ready?

This is an imaginary story looking back from the year 2024. It highlights the generation gap, as well as the opportunities and challenges this may create for the terminal operating business.

Industry news

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