Meet the Port 2060 editors – Kalmar’s experts and guest writers who all have a vision of the future port. New writers will be joining along the way.

Esko Karvonen

Esko Karvonen leads the change process from a product oriented organisation into an organisation that delivers value adding customer solutions. He has been with MacGregor, part of Cargotec, 23 years in various positions working with dry cargo ships. He believes in leading and developing people and the organisation based on vision.

Frank Kho

Frank Kho is Vice President, Offering Development at Kalmar. He has extensive background in the industry, having held senior management positions in several container terminals in Asia and Europe. His expertise includes software development, logistics and control engineering. At Kalmar, he is focusing on the implementation of the close to customer strategy: “My passion has not changed: How to make a terminal operator business run better.”

Hannu Santahuhta

Hannu Santahuhta manages simulator and visualisation environments development and implementation projects in Kalmar, Offering Development. He has a versatile background in different aspects of engineering, design systems and product development. He values product development high: “Modern virtual environments are great not only in supporting design engineers but also in visualising new designs to people from outside product development.”

Ilkka Annala

Ilkka Annala is VP Project Delivery at Kalmar’s Automation and Projects division. He entered the transportation equipment industry in 1984 and has worked with the Kalmar straddle carrier product line from 1991.

Ismo Matinlauri

Ismo Matinlauri, M.Sc. (Naval Architect), Business Development Director at Kalmar, has initiated the Port 2060 concept with a team of Kalmar professionals. Ismo looks to the future automation development towards artificial intelligence with confidence.

Jari Hämäläinen

Jari Hämäläinen (Dr Tech.), Director, Terminal Automation, Kalmar, sees interesting opportunities in the digital convergence of ICT, industrial engineering and services. He has led offering development in Kalmar and service concept development in Cargotec. He has a background in the telecommunications and software industries, with over 300 patents in 40 global patent families helping smartphone users in their daily business and pleasure. His passion is to lead renewal through technology and business innovation.

Karoliina Loikkanen

With a background in geography, communications and political history, Karoliina Loikkanen, Director, EHS at Cargotec, can see the challenges of building a more sustainable future for shipping from many different perspectives. Her vision of the future is one in which environmental sustainability is an unremarkable part of everyday life, as well as an inseparable part of normal shipping and cargo handling operations.

Lars-Eric Lundgren

Lars-Eric Lundgren is Regional Sales Manager at Siwertell, part of Cargotec.

Matti Sommarberg

Matti Sommarberg, Vice President, Senior Technology Advisor at Kalmar, believes in “business development by creative strategies and implementation with passion”. Matti has an extensive experience in strategy and innovation management as well as development of technology networks. He holds a MSc in Engineering and Economics and is currently writing his doctoral thesis on digitalisation as paradigm changer in machine building.

Mikko Vuojolainen

Mikko Vuojolainen has more than 25 years of experience in the container industry and is currently responsible for the Kalmar Crane Upgrades business on a global level. He has a broad background within Kalmar, among others, of sales and service operations as well as business development.

Peter Cederholm

Peter Cederholm is Vice President, Counterbalanced Container Handlers at Kalmar.

Peter Rydberg

Peter Rydberg is Director, Product Business Development at Bromma, part of Cargotec.

Stefan B. Johansson

Stefan B. Johansson works as Director, Sales and Marketing for Kalmar Reachstackers and Empty Container Handlers.

Tommi Pettersson

Tommi Pettersson, VP, Kalmar Automation, has strong experience in software and hardware development, automation project management and project sales as well as related business model development.