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Building Brand Love with Superior User Experience


We would like to pose a provocative question: Could you make your product or service so great to use that your customers would want to tattoo your logo onto their arm?
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The container terminal as a buffer

Frank Kho

In my career, I have met a lot of very capable consultants who commit a fundamental error in how they view a container terminal. Often, people compare a terminal to a production line, and try to make it work more like one, when, in fact it is a service. The purpose of a production line is to get something produced, finished and shipped out the door as quickly as possible. Optimisation is all about eliminating delays, delivering components just in time, and minimising any redundant capacity in the system.
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Transforming the way we work

Digitalisation allows us to take big leaps not only in technology, but also in...

Back to the future

21 October 2015 was the day Marty McFly and Doc Brown time-travelled to the...

How is 3D printing going to impact the container handling business?

3D printing is expected to change manufacturing, consumer behaviour as well as...

Does digitalisation automatically lead to better services?

Container handling equipment has reached the era of automation. On the services...

Virtual environments: What would you like to see – in advance?

Visualisation is a broadband connection to the brain, as someone has wisely...

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